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The Best Nursing Resume Template to Get Hired…Fast

best nursing resume template

Let’s face it, regardless of what we’ve heard about a nursing shortage, it is still very competitive to get a great nursing job. So whether you are a new nurse grad or a seasoned nurse practitioner with years of experience, you need to position yourself as the nurse hospitals and clinics need to hire. Writing […]

Follow these 8 Ultimate Resume Tips to Land your First Job

Stop writing resumes that suck! If you keep getting rejected from jobs applications or you’re just hearing crickets, then maybe the problem is YOU. Or more specifically – your resume. Follow these resume tips to turn your stinker into a winner. We see you sitting in front of your blank word document, dreading the prospect […]

The Ultimate Nurse Resume Writing Guide for 2022

Nurse Resume Writing

Your nurse resume is your first introduction to your future employer. You can think of your nursing resume as your first impression. And if you’re reading this article, then you’re probably exploring your options in a career in nursing! Congratulations, because the nursing field is both rewarding emotionally and financially. For example, did you know […]

8 Simple Ways to Get a Job as a New Nurse

First Job as a New Nurse Graduate

Hey you new nurse! So far, you have completed the rigorous educational training to become a nurse – getting your bachelors degree in nursing, passing the NCLEX-RN Exam, and receiving an RN state license. PHEW! Now you’re ready for your first nursing job! You are embarking on meaningful career path that will not only benefit […]

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