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8 Things I Wish Some One Told Me About a Being A Nurse

cartoon nurse with question marks about nursing career

Before you pursue a nursing career, figure out if it’s ACTUALLY a good fit for you. Here is a list of the 8 things you might want to know before starting a career in nursing. And if you are just finishing up nursing school or are changing careers to nursing, please download our free resume […]

The Best Nursing Resume Template to Get Hired…Fast

best nursing resume template

Let’s face it, regardless of what we’ve heard about a nursing shortage, it is still very competitive to get a great nursing job. So whether you are a new nurse grad or a seasoned nurse practitioner with years of experience, you need to position yourself as the nurse hospitals and clinics need to hire. Writing […]

8 Simple Ways to Get a Job as a New Nurse

First Job as a New Nurse Graduate

Hey you new nurse! So far, you have completed the rigorous educational training to become a nurse – getting your bachelors degree in nursing, passing the NCLEX-RN Exam, and receiving an RN state license. PHEW! Now you’re ready for your first nursing job! You are embarking on meaningful career path that will not only benefit […]

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